Machine and machine part logistics solutions

The challenges of machine and machine part supply logistics are the difference in the geographical, dimensional and time scheduling of the goods to transport, which can be very significant.

The key to a good logistics solution is to be able to harmonize the requirements continually, in other words, to be able to look for and find synergies in the work processes. In the case of complete machines, the general logistics job is to get them to the user economically from the manufacturing plant or distribution center using international shipping and with acceptable transit time.  In the case of machine parts, however, most of the tasks are to ship small cargo with immediate priority; so-called micro-transport tasks. The requirement of short transit times and the fact that the process involves international shipping often generate significant customs administration responsibilities in transportation, warehousing and customs management.  In case of goods returned, inverse logistics must often overcome lack of goods customs administration, identification or packaging. Inventory management must follow all these in all requirement areas.

Whether it is the domestic or global transportation of office equipment, machines or medical equipment, NTG Gondrand Kft. has developed a competent and complex logistics solution by the combination of expert base services.

  • Customer and document tracking at the supplier
  • Supplier coordination when taking shipments
  • Goods and information batching at the Trans Shipment Points (TSP)
  • Consolidation of shipments and partial shipments from the international supply markets
  • Road-, air-, and maritime transport
  • Sorting the incoming goods and receiving them in the warehouse or transporting them directly to the customer
  • Warehousing service, expert storage of complete machines, machine parts and return goods
  • Inventory registration and management
  • Packaging, delivering and erecting machines directly at the customer through dedicated service and delivery team
  • Collecting machine parts from suppliers to the TSP points, re-commissioning and delivery to the site of assembly using overnight / JIS / JIT transport.
  • IT and web electronic data exchange connection, Tracking & Tracing,  Management Information System (MIS)
  • Collecting, storing, re-packaging and exemption of return goods
  • Arranging disposal or scrapping according to the relevant regulations (for instance WEEE)
  • Customs administration service, public customs warehouse and tax-warehouse applications, tracking customs status

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